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Re: ATTS: Tuesday December 1st

Heather-ha ha...lmao, hope you get that christmas present!

krista-sounds like my dd...she had all of her teeth down to the first molar by her first birthday and not a lick of was creepy.

lori-better keep having insurance bd. ha ha. And yes, i would call that ewcm.

Anjuli-yeah, evil dryers... I have the same problem! Darn thanksgiving!

lilsoldiersmommy-um 15mm for cd11 is pretty good. Last month i had just one and it was 17mm on cd 13...strange, very strange. Hope it works though!!!

jena-ha ha. 5dpo is probably too early, but i was just thinking my nipples are tingly and i am only i am glad i am not alone.
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