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Re: Very confused about cycle

Originally Posted by attachedmom View Post
Question for you mama,
Did you conceive while night nursing your toddler? Did you find that temping was affected by nursing? Im doing that right now. Its hard (we cosleep too) as she loves to nurse from the wee am hours until we get up. She does ok until about 3am or 4 and then she wants to b latched on ! like i said, i've been temping anyway even tho sometimes it isn't perfect (her reaching for the thermometer, etc)....i'm also on Vitex and phytoestrogen....have no idea if i'm Oing at alll...but just htought I 'd ask what your experience with temping and night nursing. Were you taking any supplements?
Thanks mama...congrats on #2!

As for your issue momto5, I have NO CLUE! !! I'm interested in hearing the outcome tho...I'm also new to this...(and I also lurk! ) But I would def. temp. like already stated, I think its better to do and have it not be perfect then to not do it as it is such a vital part of NFP.
I got pregnant before this pregnancy while night nursing and that ended in MC at 6.5 weeks. I'm not sure at all that that had anything to do with it as I also have a suspected clotting disorder. With this pregnancy we night weaned during the 2ww for reasons not related to TTC...I was just done! So technically yes and no lol. I started taking B6 during the 2WW just in case to help with progesterone but I've heard you need to take it for a little while to be affective so I don't know if that helped either. I also continued taking it til about 10 weeks as it helped with m/s too. I got ppAF at 11 mos with her nursing around the clock..she was a nurseaholic My cycles regulated by 15 mos postpartum.

Originally Posted by kimmiepie View Post
Don't quote me on this, but I think I have heard that you can get a + OPK when you are pregnant.
sure can! but usually you'd get a pos on an hpt as well. so if you have a pos opk and a neg hpt you're not pg.

To the OP: I have no idea about it being related to menopause!
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