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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

When I first began reading this thread I was certain I had nothing to add but I think I do have something small to add.

To the question of "what about when they notice the difference?" and also to the question about those who circ'ed and then stopped. I circ'd my oldest - I had never heard that you could NOT circ. I mean yeah I guess if you have to sign a waiver to have them circ'd that means you could not sign it but it really didn't occur to me. It was just what happened when you had a boy. Thankfully he was a c-section because that meant that in order to fight for a vbac we decided to home birth our 2nd son. And that meant paying for a circ out of pocket. After looking at some circ'ing info online I was appalled and I sobbed several times at that thought of what I had done to my first precious boy. So even though we ended up having a hospital VBAC with number two the decision was already made that we would never circ again. Now my 3rd son is also not circ'd and I will tell you that he looks VERY different from my 2nd who obviously looks different from his oldest brother and his daddy. But they haven't ever noticed. It is what it is. DS 2 has a very loose foreskin - has since birth, whereas DS3 is more what I think non circ'd penis' are "supposed" to look like. So what I'm saying is that even though I didn't circ either of the last two there is still the opening there for them to ask "why does he look different".
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