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Re: ATTS: Wednesday December 2nd

Lynne SS AF showed her ugly face. Boo.

Heather- Go DTD and catch that eggie!!

Jena- Wow! you really are ATTS!!! lol 6dpo is really early though!!!

Rachael- Yay for 2WW!

Brandi- Not sure about your chart. Hope it's all good signs though!!

Suzie- hmm- hope the spotting is a good thing!!

LoriK- SS you and DH were fighting. I know it sucks when they don't get it. Ask me how I know.... The best thing I can tell you is to not hold on to your anger. Make sure he knows how you feel and move on. Hope tonight is better. and looking at your chart, IMHO I don't think you have anything to worry about, looks like your are still in the game lady!!!

Amie- AF stay away!!!!!!
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