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Re: ATTS: Wednesday December 2nd

brandi-i would say you od by your temp today but you had no ewcm yesterday? hmmm??

suzie-hmm, maybe it's from a very strong O, i have had that before. Thanks for the wishes!!!

Lori-i think you are oing today based on your temp and you probably would have had +opk yesterday. Keep bding!! Sorry dh was a butt.

amie-so sorry!

brandie-sorry about all the bad things going on.

Lori-so since i have lost 3 babies, is it done now? LOL. Actually with my 1st mc of the twins mikes cousin committed suicide days later, so that would have been 3. Then with my 2nd, mikes uncle died of cancer a week later and my cousin's husband commited suicide. Creepy.

jena-hope the wait speeds up...can't it just be next friday already? ha ha.

cyndi-gl with ds stiches!

AFM-is my dh seriously the only one who never turns down dtd? I mean, i couuld be having the biggest knock down fight and if i said, "you wann" he would be naked in 2 seconds. LOL. Sorry for all the uncooperative hubbies out there!!
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