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Re: ATTS: Wednesday December 2nd

sigh. hi ladies.

suzie, i hope your medical issues are minor and work themselves out. are you bf'ing still? maybe its just your cycle still trying to regulate...?

rachael, i love your optimism...usually when i had a good feeling it was for a good reason...yay!

lori,! it always seems like they eff up at the "right" minute...sigh. i think you definitely still have a chance...that dip could be an o dip, right? maybe you guys will get a chance to 'make up' today. xo.

cyndi, i LOVE zumba! they give a weekly class at my gym. my oldest and i took a few minutes of it just to see what it was about on our way out of the gym...the instructor also teaches a drums class that we plan on taking this thursday...rock on!

everyone else, either waiting to o or waiting to test...keeping you in my thoughts.

afm, well nothing on the ttc front. still waiting on af...but switching back and forth between the two babies allllllll night long is getting OLD. they're like milk zombies...i can feel them rise up behind me just as im getting the other one to sleep and man...i am getting ZERO rest. i think its finally time to wean ocean...i had planned on nursing him til he was 2...and now he's a bit older than that...he's just so into it...its hard to say just finished. and i'd like to get my cycle back so i can start charting and not be thinking every time we dtd that i might be getting that would suck or something...
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