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Re: ATTS: Wednesday December 2nd

I've been quietly lurking for a while, because I'm in my last 2 weeks of the semester and trying to get everything done for my school work, on top of TTC, stocking my congo, Christmas, thanksgiving, etc.

Originally Posted by DrLynne View Post
The witch showed up so CD1 for me today!
So sorry!

Originally Posted by mommyto2girls View Post
so.......AF is back to 5 days now but hey no complaining it's better then the 7 it has been!....I had a lil spotting today and that's it so we'll be BDing soon

nothing intersting going on though.....oh don't know if you ladies remember or not but YDD is going to be evaluated for her speach (just waiting for someone to call back) her hearing test was great so hopefully they can figure out this stuttering she has....(and maybe I'll get lucky and they can tell me if she's "normal' hyper)

anyways I'll be back my tommorow afternoon to catch up! night!
for a shorter AF! Good luck with the speech tests.

Originally Posted by Lovely View Post
I'm at 6dpo and tested again. I have to stop doing that because then I get upset when its BFN. Even though I know it's not going to read yet. :bangshead: I have a horrible problem with patience. CM has been creamy with this gooey stuff. lol. Best way I can describe it.
I kwym about testing too early and knowing it'll be BFN. I find myself doing it, and hating myself in the process. That's how I know I'm an addict, lol.

Originally Posted by rachaeljohnson View Post
AFM-wahoo for 2dpo...although ff is saying 3dpo but i know based on the u/s i had monday that i am only 2. I feel like this month is it and i am not usually that optomistic. I started my progesterone this morning...ugh...and yesterday while consignement shopping the nurse at my REs office called and said i don't have to have any monitoring after this cycle...but i can only do 2 more rounds of clomid. No pressure or anything right? Well off to bible study!
for 2dpo! And lots of for you!

Originally Posted by bccc624 View Post
AFM ~ I'm having sore breasts, and some pretty good cramping. I also have this weird pain in the right side of my pelvis, what's up with that? Oh, and my temp rose today. Anyone care to take a look at my chart and give me your interpretation? I started temping 1/2 through my cycle, so there's no baseline.
You can have O pains before, during or after it happens. You need to keep bding!

Originally Posted by Babybug View Post

I'm spotting....again....... I'm trying not to keep track of my cycle so I don't know where I'm at....I know I O'ed sometime in the past days but this spotting is way to early to be IB or AF so....come on test results I need an answer.
I've had really random spotting this month too.

Originally Posted by MommyKeller0107 View Post
Yeah... no BD'ing here yesterday. I felt O pain for about 20 minutes last night, in the middle of a heated argument because DH let his brother stay here until almost midnight, when I'd told him all day I wanted to spend some time together.... so by the time we went to bed, he was "too tired" and was a complete jackass. We fought for at least an hour if not more... and I bawled my eyes out. All I freaking wanted was to spend time with my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

temp is down this morning. great.

if we BD today does that still give me a chance?
Yes, definitely! I bet the temp dip is O today!

Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post

Originally Posted by Lolanae View Post
AFM: Ryan and I got in a fight last night over money crap. I guess the saying is true about things coming in threes. We learned a good friend didn't make rank, then our friend loosing her baby, and then my computer is approaching it's death bed I think.
Yesterday just seemed to be a good day for DH/DW fights all around the board.

Originally Posted by Cyn_Cyn View Post
Hey ladies! :wave2:

Seems everyone is having a rough day. Sorry. to all.

So last night I went to my first Zumba class!! I loved it!! Plan to keep doing it....for now 2 days a week. Honestly I forgot how some parts of my body could move since I have been out of the Army!!

Not much going on here today. Heading out to the store to get some more xmas shopping done. Cashed in some of those speedy rewards points and got a $25 Game Stop GC. Finally after all this time registered the card online and I had 33,865 points!! Sweet deal for me a free $25 bucks to use towards xmas presents....
What's Zumba? And nice rewards! My DH would love that.

Originally Posted by beckstar View Post
afm, well nothing on the ttc front. still waiting on af...but switching back and forth between the two babies allllllll night long is getting OLD. they're like milk zombies...i can feel them rise up behind me just as im getting the other one to sleep and man...i am getting ZERO rest. i think its finally time to wean ocean...i had planned on nursing him til he was 2...and now he's a bit older than that...he's just so into it...its hard to say just finished. and i'd like to get my cycle back so i can start charting and not be thinking every time we dtd that i might be getting that would suck or something...
I hope the weaning goes easily for you.

Originally Posted by MommyKeller0107 View Post
I'll be back soon for persies.... but somebody just walked through the door.

I'm catching this egg dern it!
Good luck, not that you need it! LOL

AFM: 7dpo and I haven't tested yet! My temp is still up but hovering by the coverline. I'm having copious amount of creamy CM and my cervix is MM-. I'm trying to remain neutral, but my LP is usually only 10 days, so depending on my temp on Sat I'll be testing (or not). Month 7 of TTC is wearing me out, though I know some of you have been trying for longer.

I so want to buy one of those shirts you posted the other day, Lori!
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