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Re: Very confused about cycle

Thanks ladies for more input.

I know too you can get a positive OPK when preg but I know I am not unfortunately. I got the one positive OPK next day was really light again like before the one day of dark. so I am praying for a blessing if my LP will hold out.

I am having to take Vitex, bcomplex, red clover, progesterone cream etcd to get leveled this time just attempting to get cycles to regulate and have since Feb when I started getting them again.

I did ask doc about perimenopause and he laughed but I know I am not a spring chicken too I sooo don't want that to be the case I am not ready for that.

As for other pp I was told by my mw when they go any time past 4 hours you can begin ovulating again night, day does not matter, just need a 4 hour period and that can begin getting AF back. So if your cosleeper goes till morning hrs ( I soooo wish mine would ) you have your 4 hour break. My friend just got preg again with one nursing at night a ton but not as much during the day.

Good luck mamas I am still lurking and praying for all the mamas wanting to be blessed again.
Cautiously expecting another blessing!

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