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Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd

Oh yeah, I am first!!

Morning ladies!! Ok sooo much needed to get done yesterday and I did nothing!! Well I did some laundry, it's just not put away...

Today I really need to get to the store. I am trying so hard to get my xmas shopping finished and wrapped early.....but....every year I say that and I am still left wrapping presents on xmas eve AFTER midnight mass!!!

I am really trying this year though. Maybe it wont be so bad since DH will be home this year. I think alot of last year was that I had to do it ALL ALL BY MYSELF!! I just cried and kept playing his videos and replaying my voicemail messages so that I could hear his voice.....

So thankful that he is here this year!!
I am sure you all are also. I know you listened to me so much over the past year when I was having good and bad days with him being gone....

Ok so I just started to ramble there. sorry...
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