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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by mom2LandJ View Post
I havent read this whole thread so forgive if its come up already. I have a friend who is a nurse and she claims that many elderly men get infections because they loose the dexterity in their hands to properly pull back foreskin and clean. It just made me think...anyone else heard of this/seen it...
I call shenanigans. A man will know how to work his penis until the day he dies. And if he can't pull a foreskin back he can't feed himself or get dressed etc and need to be cared for.

Foreskin isn't on all that tight (in most men) it's not like pulling on pantyhose, it's just loose skin! This may be TMI, but I have seen men lay in bed and wiggle and it will retract (with an erection)

The pic of the restraint made my heart break. I can't imagine having to strap a baby in one of those. Even for a medically necessary procedure.
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