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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by Everywhere View Post
I used to work in a nursing home after I graduated high school and I'm going to go ahead and share my opinion on this.

*warning, very graphic information discussed*

Ok, first of all, all penises have to be washed. Circed or not, they all need to be washed. Just like women have to wash themselves in that area (women actually have tons more smegma than men make)

Now, this will depend on how tight of a circ a man has, but most circed men are not completely devoid of all foreskin. My husband has a pretty tight circ (I'm basing this on the fact that when he has an erection, his skin "pulls up" skin that is normally not on his penis onto the shaft) But even with him, when flacid there is a small "overlap" of skin surrounding the head. He has to pull back this flap of skin and wash/rinse it in the shower.

Now, the thing with older men. When men get older, the skin in that area gets REALLY loose and saggy, but the tissue making up the penis actually gets smaller. So even men who are circed have all this skin that is "sagging" around their penis. In nursing home populations, it is actually difficult to tell if a man is circed or not, for this reason.
Now, some circed men you can tell. Their sagginess does not reach the tip of their penis, so the tip of the head is exposed a little bit. However, this can actually pose a big problem.
Nursing home people are often in "diapers". I'm very sorry if this information grosses you out, but when an elderly male defecates in his diaper, it usually reaches up beyond his groin. When a man is not circed, or when the skin is loose enough to cover the head, it makes cleaning him up fairly wipe the flat "tube" of skin on the outside, and nothing gets on the "inside".
However, if the head is exposed, the feces gets onto the head and into the folds of skin surrounding the head. This not only makes cleaning up difficult, but older men have fairly large urethral openings, and the feces can actually travel up the opening and cause infection.
I always HATED cleaning up the circed/glans exposed men. I was only 18 at the time, and knew nothing about babies and stuff, but I already had my mind made up back then that I wouldn't circ for this reason alone.
The non-circed men were just SO much easier to clean up.

Yes, with a circed older man, there may be *less* skin to pull back, but there is probably still skin to pull back because of the sagging issue. And I'm sorry, but simply pulling back the foreskin doesn't take a whole lot of dexterity. It's not like you're going in there with Q-tips or precision maneuvering.

I'm really sorry if I was too "detailed" for you. But I ended up working in various nursing homes for over 5 years doing cares on elderly patients, and I have to totally disagree with what you have heard. As far as UTI's, I have seen both circed and not circed men get them EQUALLY. Elderly people are GOING to get UTI's. It just happens in that age group. And in my experience, cleaning up diapers in intact adults is so much easier than circed ones, especially since you don't have to manipulate anything to clean them for diaper changes (like you would with circed) since normally they are Alzheimer/dementia and they are resisting your cares and wiping around in their glans really pisses them off.
YES, when you give non-circed guys baths, you have to pull back the skin to rinse under. But this takes only seconds, and they are usually sitting in a secure bath chair and they can't really fight your cares.

Again, sorry to go so in depth. But like I said, my experience with nursing home men was actually the first reason I ever decided not to circ a long time before ever having kids.

Thank you. That was fascinating. In all my years as an intactivist, I never heard this, but it makes sense. Exactly the same as in cleaning baby boys - the foreskin actually makes it easier.

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Why you shouldn't circumcise your son
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