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Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
Krista~ Is there a reason you have to be put under general? When I had all mine out they used just novacaine because I have an irregular heartbeat.
Yes, my teeth are impacted and not going to come out easily on the bottom. But also, my body doesn't take anesthetics well. Any time I have dental work, the dentist has to use a special super stong stuff and still sometimes has to give me 2 shots and at least 1/2 hour to let it work. I have been under general 4 times before, and it always takes twice as much and twice as long as most people. I also have an extremely sensitive mouth, besides the fact that I'm pretty terrified of this surgery (for some reason more than any of my other surgeries), so I couldn't handle being conscious through it all.

I do need to call them anyway because I forgot to ask about what they are giving me and if it'll be okay for nursing. I was a bundle of nerves, even just going for my consult.
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