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Re: ATTS: Thursday December 3rd

bcc624-can't wait to see todays temp! I am not sure which to use...your chart is very wonky...but hopefully you will have a nice high one today and if so, i would leave it as is...but bc you had ewcm yesterday i am not sure. Big hugs, i know it's frustrating!

krista-big hugs...i hate dental stuff...ugh. I think local anesthesia is pretty safe if you have to have it done...but i think they have to do general for wisdom teeth which is not so good. When i had my last pregnancy and they thought i had a twin that was ectopic they wouldn't operate until they absolutely had to for fear of causing a mc...luckily (i guess) the baby in my uterus died at 8 weeks and then they did the surgery to go after the ectopic (turned out to be a cyst...oye).

heather-hope it does the trick!

Lori-50mg days 2-6 gave me dd. I had to take an antibiotic the morning of my sonohystogram (cd 7) but that was it...just the one pill. have you had your hcg followed to zero? If not, your period was really light and may not have been an actual period. I had the same start and stop bleeding until my hcg got back down to 0, and then the first cycle after that dragged on with spotting for like 9-10 days.

jena-nope not to early. i have had a bfp 9dpo...and have seen them at is the absolute earliest though...and you can get a neg. and still be bfp. I had a -blood test 9dpo and a +test 12 dpo with my last pregnancy.

bls26-giant hugs! I am so sorry about dh...i don't know how you military wives do it? I say go for it, but you really have to make that decision. Now i hope your ovaries cooperate very soon!!!

jessica-i did one 500mg pill of epo from cd 7 (after finished clomid on day 6) until the day i ovulated last month and it totally helped my ewcm.

anjuli-yay for finishing your exam...i love you ladies too...dh calls you all my therapy!!

jena-yikes! Glad you didn't. And hoorah for ov. tests. I LOVE the dollar tree ones!
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