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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

So, if you KNEW that your family had a history of it happening with other members, you would not spare your child the pain later in life? To me, that makes no sense at all.

By "happening", I mean not being able to retract as an adult and circumcision being necessary for hygenic purposes.
When Dave first consulted our doc, she was saying it was highly unlikely it would be required, but as soon as she saw, she referred him to a specialist immediately.

I was not targeting anyone specifically about the judgements, it just seems opinions are voiced here by many without necessarily having experiences to back them up.

Also, before all this went down with my hubby, we didn't know about the family history with this and we were anti circ too. When we decided to have it done for our son, we researched and went with Dr.Pollock, who uses the mogen clamp method and the surgery literally took 5 seconds.

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