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nighttime help, how to get her to cosleep?

My dd has always been a crib sleeper. On occasion she wakes up at night and has a hard time falling back asleep alone, so ideally I would like to bring her in bed with me. However, every time she comes in bed with us, she thinks its playtime she jumps and plays, talks up a storm, wiggles, etc. No where near going to bed. At 3 am, I am exhausted, dh is cranky b/c he is up for the night (after an hour of this in bed play) and has to work tomarow.

What do we do? How do I get her to relax and go to bed with us? Any other ideas? Sometimes a bottle and rocking with her works, others it does not. Help!!!

We are going on vacation in two weeks and I am nervous about what the heck she will do when forced to sleep with us (not all the hotels have cribs) or at the very least in the same room (she ahs her own room now).
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