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Re: How do you explain the grandparents' divorce and remarriage to your children?

I"m going to be dealing with this someday too. On some level it will be easier for us because my DD's have a half sister that isn't with us full time. In that respect DD's will have grown up with it. I think the confusing thing for them will be that DSD calls me 'mom' so it will tough to explain why DSD has two moms and they only have one, kwim?

My parents divorced when I was 19 and my dad remarried when I was 24. I love my step mom. I don't call her 'mom' because I was an adult when she entered my life, so I don't really feel as thought she did any *mothering* when it came to my upbringing. We live very close to my dad and step mom and 2000 miles away from any other family on dh's side or mine.

Our kids will grow up being much closer to my dad and step mom than any other family. My step mom is a fantastic grandmother to my kids and I couldn't be more grateful! My mom visits twice a year so while my kids will have a relationship with her, they will naturally be closer to my step mom.

I guess just answer questions as they come up. Don't over explain (that's my biggest downfall). Answer only what is being asked and eventually your son will put it all together in his head. I don't think there will be too much traumatic about it cause he will have grown up with it that way, ya know?
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