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Re: Yeast Diaper Rash that won't go away? - UPDATE with Pics, is it really yeast??? Help!

I got some Gentian Violet and have been using it twice a day for 2 days now. And his rash is *exactly the same*. Since Gentian Violet is only effective on yeast and not much else, i'm wondering now if it really is a yeast rash? I'm so confused. I took a picture of it and am hoping some of you more experienced moms can tell me if that's what it is. I'll be taking the pic down in a day or so. Thank you for any and all help.

The spots are flat bright red patches, but the skin around them is normal colored and not red. They look purplish in the picture b/c the Gentian violet dyed them. I'm giving him lots of air time, and he decided that pooping while i tried to take a pic of his rash was the way to go so don't mind that either.
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