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Houston pediatrician help!

Ok, ladies, HELP!!

I am onto our 2nd ped. for my DD. She has spent the last year sick every 2-3 weeks, w/ a slight break this summer. She has had strep throat, UTI, pneumomnia, MRSA infection that had her hospitalized for 2 days, and random high fevers of 105* w/ no apparent cause. She is not in daycare, and has maybe gone a total of 3 times to a 'group' setting. She is currently 22 months old, so for her to have had strep throat now 3 times is rather unusual for someone so young.

She started her sick routine right after the flu vaccine last year, and has not had a vaccine since, mainly b/c she hasn't been well long enough for me to want to bombard her system w/ anything else. All her ped's have been able to focus on is that she's not vaccinated and its b/c I'm worried about autism. Even though I bring up over and over that autism is not my current concern, more her immunosuppression. She has had an immunology work up that showed nothing, a neurology work up and again, fine.

What I guess I'm looking for is a ped that would be fine w/ delayed/selective vaxing, and is able to incorporate alternative medicine into their care when standard western medicine doesn't cut it. I'm tired of doing their job for them, fighting every step of the way to get it done. I am my daughter's advocate, and I will fight for as long as needed, but am I crazy that her Dr should know her just a little better than this, since we've been in ALOT in the last year?!

I live in Crosby, but would be fine traveling almost anywhere in the Houston area if I got someone that actually listened to what I said and took it seriously.

She currently has a fever of 103-104, and has had it since Mon., so 5 days now. Her ped is not concerned, did a strep and flu swab, both neg, had to beg for further testing, all came back fine (CBC, UA and CXR). So I get the standard 'Don't worry'. She's lost a pound in the last week, so she is now 23 lbs. Anyone have any suggestions?
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