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Re: Picky toddler foods?

DD is a picky eater her staples are mac n' cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and daddy sandwhiches (her phrase for peanut butter and jelly).

We just introduce new foods and go from there -- here are the things that went over really well the last few months (her eating habits are getting much better so I don't feel like I am mal-nourishing her with all the processed food!)

Avacodo's (HUGE she loves avacodo)
Grapes cut in half (she won't eat them whole)
Ranch dip with carrots and celery
Smoothies made with a lot of berries and yogurt (we usually add wheat germ)
Long grain rice-a-roni

We also have luck about 70% of the time with letting her "make" food usually if she "makes" it she will eat it. A recent discovery was that she will not eat cottage cheese (which I love and eat a ton of especially when I am pregnant) won't touch it, but if I give her a small bowl of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, pineapple or watermelon and let her add "as much as she wants" she will eat the cottage cheese! I was pretty proud of that, I outsmarted an almost 3 year old
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