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Question Another potty training question...

DS turned 3 in feb. He's been pee-accident free since at least 2.5. Yet, this whole time he's asked for a diaper to poop. Here and there Ive' gotten one or two days of poop on the potty, then he starts crying & asking for a diaper & I don't want to cause problems so i give him a diaper.

Today, he didn't even ask, he just went to his room, took off his pants, put on a nightime pull up and went in the bathroom for privacy. WWYD? Let him have diapers for a while since he's clearly emotionally not ready? I tried bribing him with a lollypop every time he poops in the potty, he didn't go for it. Or should I push the topic since he clearly has the physical ability?

This is where I start to think the ECers are on to something......
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