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Angry PICTURE SIZING/COMPUTER SEIZING UP!!!! Please read, mods/admin!

I don't have the fastest computer in the world to begin with, but it runs well when it should. I have been seeing MORE and MORE posts with HUGE pictures, esp. in the FSOT boards, and as soon as I go to see what the post has in it, my computer seizes and I have to start all over again-which potentially means me missing something I am needing/wanting, and it's not doing any favors for the posters either, if it takes that long for most people to bring the pictures up because of their size.

I've seen this A LOT lately, and I'm NOT seeing them be resized. However, I have been warned about my siggy which is hardly big at all, so I'd like someone to pay attention or post a sticky to each board specifically stating that these large of pictures need not be used. We already have a problem with viruses. We don't need anything else slowing down what we are doing.

Just my's extremely annoying.

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