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issues with baby weight gain

hi mamas.
hope everyone is enjoying their new little ones, or their last few days being pregnant! I had a question about newborn weight gain. Natalie was born 8lbs 7oz (12/12/09) was discharged 7lbs 10oz (12/15/09) the next day at the pediatricians office she weighed 7lbs 13oz (12/16/09) but had not pooped in 2 days. Then 6 days later, yesterday (12/22/09) she weighed 7lbs 14.5oz. The pediatrician reccomended that I wake to feed her every 2 hours round the clock, and supplement with 1oz formula after the feedings which I told her I did not want to do. I have been waking to feed every 2 hours which is driving me sort of insane. I have to wear nipple shields due to inverted nipples. I started taking fenugreek to help boost supply. I also try to pump after at least 2 feedings a day to make sure I am really empty, but with 20 minutes of pumping I only get combined .5-1oz, which makes me think either I am not producing enough, or she is draining my breasts when eating. I know they say babies should gain .5-1oz per day, but does that apply to all babies or just those on formula? I really do not want to give up nursing, it is just so much more challenging then I anticipated. I guess this whole thing has been, I had a great pregnancy and really did not prepare myself for my delivery/postpartum to be any different. I did not prepare myself mentally for a c-section, a long hospital stay, difficulty breastfeeding, and an overwhelming amount of emotion.
Any thoughts/suggestions/encouragements are welcome and really appreciated on the breastfeeding to see if miss natalie and I can keep it together.
Thanks so much,
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