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Re: issues with baby weight gain

I had a horrible, horrible time with shields with my son. This pregnancy I wore breast shells in the 3rd trimester to help draw out my inverted nipples. I was offered a shield for my left breast in the hospital (it is worse than my right) but declined it and Anna didn't have too much difficulty latching on. At her 2 week apt. she was exactly back to her birth weight (8 lbs. 1 oz.) and her pediatrician was extremely happy with that and also very supportive of EBFing. You still have a week + for her to gain more weight!
I don't have a pump, but I do know that you can't measure how much your LO is getting by how much you are able to pump out. Wet/dirty diapers are what counts.
I don't know if it is too late to try the shells since your LO is used to the easy-to-latch-onto shields, but it couldn't hurt. There is also a way to physically break the adhesions that are inverting your nipples. Here is an article that was helpful to me:

Is there a lactation consultant in your area that could help you with these issues? Good luck mama.
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