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Re: issues with baby weight gain

I totally forgot to add about the diapers... She is having plenty of wets, at least 7, and at least 4 dirty diapers a day. When she is awake she is looking around, making some noises, trying to pick up her head if laying on my chest, etc... She does sleep most of the time but I'm guessing thats just part of being a newborn!
I was really worried that the nipple shields are decreasing my supply or not allowing her to actually nurse, but she latches on easily, and when she comes off there is milk on her cheek and also the shield is full of milk so I am guessing she is getting enough. I have to wake her every 2 hours to feed, otherwise she woudl continue to sleep which also makes me feel like she is getting enough, no? I do want to wean her from the shields, but I want to make sure she is actually eating and gaining before I get her all upset over teh shield. I have tried to remove it and she will not relatch, she just fusses. We are planning to meet with a LC after the holidays. We had a great one in the hospital that spent 3 feedings with us per day and it was just great. Hopefully the fenugreek will work, my milk will increase, the baby will gain weight, and we can stop worrying. Thank you so much for all the support.
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