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Re: Talk to me about night weaning

I know for a lot of women, the best thing for night weaning is to have DH take over, it goes the fastest and reallky puts it in their head that they will NOT get the breast.

My friend had her DH take her DD to another part of the house and comfort her while she wanted the breast, eventually she'd go back to sleep and he would bring her back to bed. After about a week, they finally got through it, and their DD was sleeping through the night.

I don't have a DH or anyone else to help me with it. I relied heavily on a nuk. I would give her the nuk and rock her and tell her that it wasnt num-num time, it was nuh-night time. She is now sleeping through the night (we just did this like 2 weeks ago) Unfortunately, that almost ended our breastfeeding relationship. She is now only nursing when she wakes up, and that is it. I encourage the breast but she just doesn't want it. Hopefully this is just a phase and nursing picks up again soon!
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