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Re: Breakfast ideas?

Fruit, toast, scrambled eggs, frozen waffles, pancakes (you can get those frozen too if you don't have time to make them - or freeze leftovers when you do make them), muffins, dry cereal (usually served with fruit here), cereal bars (nutri-grain and others), bagels (these keep them busy for a while!).. these are the usual breakfasts in our house. Anything I can grab and give to them without cooking is great - I don't usually have a clean kitchen in the morning and my kids don't like to wait for breakfast anyway. We don't buy a lot of processed foods - we do all our shopping at Trader Joe's and I have found good alternatives to the stuff in the regular stores. My kids love blueberry or plain or banana waffles with strawberry fruit spread and whipped cream. I buy a banana bread mix and make muffins with it, they love those plain or with a little honey. My oldest LOVES scrambled eggs. When he was about a year old, he'd eat them for nearly every meal.. though usually just breakfast or lunch. He'd eat one or two scrambled eggs and I'd toss frozen peas in with them (to cool the eggs and also get him some veggies) and give him a slice of toast.

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