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Re: Yeast Diaper Rash that won't go away? - UPDATE with Pics, is it really yeast??? Help!

This soes not look like yeast. It might be a bacteria ind=fection. And a RX antibiotic ointment might be needed. Its hard to tell from the purple color being there, but it looks a lot like my DS's rash he gets from flesh eating poops. Like when he doesn't tell me he has pooped and gets a horrible rash. (He is almost 3) but ot looks alot like this. Good luck, oh and inbetween antibiotic treatments keep it slathered with vasoline. Your diapers should be fine if you do a cold rinse and then a very hot wash followed by a cold rinse. And BTW, It might not be a bad idea to strip his diapers for build up to make sure it isn't a detergent build up causing this. Hugs.
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