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The Nurse called and left a message saying something was up... (updated again)

I called an left a message- but she didn't return my call. Now I am going to be worried all night. I know logically I shouldn't worry because if it was that bad they would have called me back right away. But I am still worried.

I went in for my 28th week check up on monday and I did the GTT and when the nurse took my blood pressure she said it was high. I asked the doctor about it - he said it was okay. Now I am worried about preclamsia-

I don't want to worry about nothing- but it is fustrating not knowing.. plus I don't feel good at all today. I feel like such a whiner...

*** Update***

I did get a hold of the nurse this afternoon- I flunked my GTT - my score was 160.

So I spent the rest of the day trying to get ready for tomorrow because I have to go take another GTT test and I guess I will be there for three hours tomorrow. So it looks like it might be Gestational diabetes.

It could be worse- but I am a little bummed. I am a FTM and I just want things to be normal and healthy for my baby.

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