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Re: Solids?

I agree with all the other mama's on seeing what your kiddo wants. My 4 month old has reflux as well and his ped actually told me that with how well he's doing weight wise (he's a chunk at 19 lbs already) that he really doesnt need it. Well bf'd babes dont need extra food until 6 months or older, despite reflux. That being said this kid watches us like a hawk when we eat and we did give him cereal about 3 times in the week before his 4 month appt. and he loved it and acted like a baby bird everytime the spoon came near him. I am wanting to try different foods with him, not so keen on the whole rice cereal is a must thing this time around, so he's had off our fingers mashed potatoes, sauce from a lebanese dish we make thats tomatoe base and today some applesauce, he loves it all. If he hadnt been so eager we would definately wait though, reflux or not.

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