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new years eve chat

Okay girls last day to get 2009 babies!!!! I hope you all pop soon. I can't believe some of us have 1 month old babies now! Tryin where are you getting samaya's ears pierced. They don't do it at the pedi here. But some will do it. Also the ear piercing places at the mall. I wanted to take her to a tattoo studio lool because they are professional piercers. And sterile and I like their technique better but but but they can't pierce minors ears here even if its only ears with parents consent. Sigh. I'm so weird about doing at the mall because they use the same gun and there is no way to sterlize it properly. Idk
Love is compromise. Its accepting that both of you are diffrent. And learning to love the uniqueness of each other. Its learning to love those things which drive you nuts, and accepting them and not trying to change someone to how you want them to be.
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