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Re: Co-sleepers

We have always just had our babies (newborns) in bed directly with us...either in between or on one side of me. We've kept our regular blankets and pillows in there too. DD#2 also had DD#1 in there with her too. We had a bassinet and used it for a dresser. Also a crib but that was just a waste of space. So this next baby isn't getting either. Just a waste of space and money for us. It'll just do as it's big sisters have and lay with us...I'm sure with a boob in close proximity.

I used to worry about smothering but I've come to realize that I am a light sleeper around my children. I've always just held them all through the night with no problems. I haven't ever had them fall out of bed as little little guys...but they've both fallen out of bed plenty of times. Aspen will still fall out of her own bed sometimes WITH a gaurdrail up.

Nap time is just in my bed. When they're little I barricade them in. Now, and for awhile, I just lay DD#2 in my bed. I guess I'm just laid back easy going, I dont' worry too much about her falling out of bed. I'm awake anyway so I check on her every so often anyway.
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