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Eureka!!! It worked!!!

She went to sleep by herself!!!

Ok, let me just say how happy I am. I also have to preface this with the fact that I have bedded my daughter down for bed every night since her birth without ever using CIO and we co-slept all night until she was almost 2.

Well, lately bedtime takes foreeevvveeerrr. Sometimes 1-2 hours and some of the time I pass out way before she does. She doesn't fight bedtime or anything, she never protests going to sleep she just can't calm herself to sleep well if she doesn't fall asleep nursing. Well, I decided it was time to make the process easier on both of us and I wanted some night time back to myself and DH.

Today we made a Goodnight Chart with pictures of our routine (pajamas, teeth brush, stories, goodnight to daddy, go potty, and nurse and sing songs). So we did those and I kept having her refer to the chart to see what was next. I also came up with the Goodnight Timer. After we did our chart I told her that this was our special goodnight timer. I told her she needed to try and fall asleep and when the timer went ding, ding, ding I would know to come in and check on her to see how she was doing. Well, I first set it for 3 minutes so that she would trust that it would go off and that I would come. Then set it for another 3 minutes. Then 5 minutes, then 7 minutes. I set the next one for 14 minutes and I went in halfway through that one and she was asleep. Hooray! No tears. She did ask me to sleep with her a couple of the times when I went in to check on her but I just reminded her that she was a big girl now and that she could fall asleep by herself but that I would check on her when the timer went off. Also, we talked all day today about all the kids we know who fall asleep on their own. And this helped her too.

Anyway, just had to get that out to those who would understand. I am soo happy we never used CIO to achieve something like this.

We are going to try this for naptimes too but today she fell asleep while nursing. LOL. For naptime I am just going to set the timer for an hour and tell her she needs to play quietly in her room until the timer goes off and if she gets sleepy she can lay down. If she doesn't fall asleep than we'll just call it quits.

BTW, she is 27 months.
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