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Re: new years eve chat

Hi ladies!! Sorry I've been quiet, my internet was out since Tuesday morning.. Luckily comcast came this AM to fix it.. What had happened was squirrels had chewed holes all through the cable wires on the telephone poles! AGH! So the guy had to take down the entire wire to replace it. But I'm back on now! yay!

Baby turned 2 weeks on Tuesday, and for his "birthday" gift, we named him! We made a list of all the names we liked and then decided on one. So our little boy is officially Milo Nathaniel Amadeus Kulas! He's doing great..nursing all the time and he's just as sweet as can be. We're not doing anything for New mom is coming over and after Audric and Nouvelle are in bed hubby, Milo and I are going to go grocery shopping.. Boring! But it's ok, I just want to get out of the house. How was everyone's Christmas's? The kids got so many presents and their bedrooms were TRASHED with toys and I just got to cleaning them today.. I've had no energy with Milo waking up at night! But that's ok, I can enjoy him more without feeling like I have to clean

Oh, and I was wondering, I didn't post my birth story, and he's over two weeks old, so would any one even be interested in reading it if I posted it?? It's kind of delayed! Ooops!
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