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Re: new years eve chat

Fan-I just got 6yr old DD's ears done at Claire's for her birthday. It was a re-piercing, I had hers done originally at 9months at the Piercing Pagoda (in the mall too), but I let them close when she was around 2 and they did a great job re-piercing through the same holes (there was no scar tissue there). they had two ladies do the ears at the same time, one on each side of her. They did a wonderful job and there has been no problems with the holes. I know with anyplace especially Claire's it depends on the person doing them. I think one of my nieces was done at Claire's also.

I have done about 3 or 4 other nb ears at the Piercing Pagoda, not sure if you have one or if they are even still around. NO PROBLEMS at all with them. I don't know of any pediatricians who do them since they are cosmetic. I guess you could call around and ask over the phone first.

Toby-I feel your pain. Sorry things are difficult. this is my first time bf and things aren't going as planned. IT's HARD! I don't know what to say about latch just that I hope he will do it soon.

Samaya wasn't gaining back her weight so pedi told me to supplement with formula after breastfeeding. At 2 weeks, my nips were in so much pain that I HAD to give her a bottle,. I've also been dealing with a milk blister OUCH! I had alot of samples (ready to feed) and pedi gave me some more. When I was pg, I always imagined being an EBFer but things didn't work out that way, if I feel the need to bf I do, if I feel that I need to give a bottle I do, no nipple confusion here thankfully.

The rtf formula+ refrigerator in my bathroom+playtex nursers makes the process so much easier. It takes me a max of 1 minute to go through the whole process. I have a hot pot on my counter and I use that to sterilize the nips and rings. I just assemble everything at one time and replace the bags for each new feeding. I only keep 3 bottles in rotation so that cuts down on washing time.

I have always formula fed and I find the bf/formula feeding/pumping WAY easier than full-time formula feeding. I give baby a formula bottle around 10PM and then she breastfeeds throughout the night. I just have everything set up in my bathroom, otherwise I would take some powdered formula and keep room temp bottles with pre-measured water in it on the nightstand for the middle of the night.

Pumping is the hardest part for me, I don't like it, but I need to because I'm due back to work soon. Hopefully, things will get better and he will latch soon. I would love to EBF but that's not in the cards right now. I'm just thankful that I live in a time and place where I can use formula now and know that a combination of the two isn't going to hurt. I hope BF soon works out the way you would like it to.

Bry-Thanks for setting up the group. I joined.

I am letting baby girl go to DD's former babysitter, now I'm trying to decide if I'm going to send cloth or disposables. I picked up a pack of parent's choice dipes (wal-mart brand-my fave) yesterday-50 count for $6. I haven't asked babysitter about the cloth yet. trying to decide if it would be worth the extra effort to bring them back and forth everyday, but she has 2 kids of her own under 2 and i would love for her to see how easy it is (she has 5 kids altogether so it might really help her to save money). Also I'm looking at buying formula now and didn't want the costs of formula + sposies, I don't mind using them just thought when I was pg I'd do breastmilk +cloth to keep down costs.
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