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Re: Does your baby sleep on back or belly?

Well, they're 3 & 6 now, but Adin was a side sleeper (our compromise) and Nora needed to sleep on her back. Neither of them could sleep more than 20 minutes on their backs unless it was draped over my arm in bed, and Nora had reflux so I could see it really hurt her to be that stretched out. I had to do what felt right, and even the doctor agreed after I tried off & on for 3 months.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason less babies die of SIDS on their backs is that they never get a deep, restful night's sleep. I think a lot of our kids never get enough rest. They end up on Ritalin, a stimulant, which helps them to focus--sort of like a strong cup of coffee does for me when Nora wakes 4 times during the night! Just a crackpot theory, I know, but it seems like something else is going on with SIDS besides front sleeping. Maybe our kids will have completely different advice when they're pregnant with our grandkids.
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