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Re: Mammas that set a family menu... tips?

I dont do a menu, more I make sure I have all the ingredients to complete meals. DH always asks for tacos so I make sure I have everything at all times. This week I decided fajitas and chow mein sounded good so I was sure to inventory and pick up the few things for those. Im an emotional chef I only cook what sounds good that day. I always keep my lazy meal on hand which is a bag of frozen terriyaki chicken from trader joes and a bag of stirfry vegies and i make some rice. The rice takes the longest to cook! other than that I know i have at least 5 meats, 5 sides and 5 vegies to mix and match. Im really not big on recipes, i find i spend more trying new ones with different ingredients than just having meat and potatos KWIM?
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