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Re: Mammas that set a family menu... tips?

I make a menu every week from my freezer. Then I plan out what basics and sides we need and make my grocery list. When I'm at the store, I look for the reduced meats and what's on sale, and buy that. That will be the following week's meat dishes. And it goes in the freezer when I get home to get out of the freezer next week.

Basically, I make my menu for the week based on what meat we have, and just buy the accompaniments at the store. So I always get a good deal at least on my meat. Of course if its a REAL good deal, I buy lots for my freezer, but usually I always find enough reduced or sale meat to feed us a week.

I also plan for my freezer alot. So I will get a turkey after the holidays on sale and roast it, then put 6-7 baggies of meat I pulled off the bones for soups and casseroles. Or sometimes I even get the rotisserie chickens on clearance ($3.99 at my store). So I buy two, we eat one, and the other halves get pulled off the bone and in the freezer for soups and casseroles. Then I make stock from the bones and it goes in the freezer.

Sometimes when I plan for a meal for week one, I will plan an accompanying meal for week two. My family doesn't really like leftovers. So if we make tacos one night, I put the leftover taco meat in the freezer, and then next week we'll have taco soup with it. Or if we have spaghetti and meatballs, the rest go in the freezer for meatball subs the following week. And sometimes I do double the recipe so I can do that and have to cook less.

Hope this helps - its pretty easy, it just takes some planning. But its gotten to the point in my house where my kids are like, mom, what's on the list for dinner. And one week I was sick and didn't make a list and they freaked not knowing what to cook - lol - even though my freezer is stocked with at least a casserole or two, or an easy just reheat dish! KIDS - and hubbies !!
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