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Re: The "~$5 Meal Ideas~" thread...

Has this been posted yet? I make this a lot, and it is right at $5.

I stock up on stove top and cream of chicken soup every year at Thanksgiving when it is so cheap. So here goes:
2 boxes of stove top ($1.50)
1 can, cream of chicken soup (.60)
1 onion (.33?)
1 pound of chicken (1.69 is the regular sale price here)
You cook the chicken, cook the stuffing (minus the butter, I mean I'm not wasting a stick of butter in a $5 dish, KWIM? I add a little extra water.). Mix it with the soup and bake until it's all merged and melted.

I like to add cauliflower and carrots to ours. It bumps it over $5, but really adds a lot of flavor and makes a pretty big casserole.
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