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Re: DFW mamas

Originally Posted by hullabal98 View Post
your birthing center should have a hospital/ob they work with for emergencies... I am delivering with midwives at Harris Ft Worth. It's pretty easy to get to - a few blocks off I-30 - so that could be an option. My midwife group is UNT Women's Health. I know Baylor also has midwives but they don't do VBACs. The hospital will, but those midwives won't. Being in downtown FW would be very close to Cooks should you need a children's hospital.

Medical Center of Arlington has great bf support (or they did 6 years ago when DS1 was born) but they are very pro-c/s so beware of that.

good luck!!!!
Thanks so much. I'm not VBACing... been blessed enough to not need one with either of my older boys.

I hadn't even thought of a hospital issue until it asked on my birth plan worksheet if I had a hospital preferance in case I needed to be transfered for some unforseen reason.

Are you a midwife? Would love to get to know you a bit through PM as a "just in case" situation.

Come to think of it... I think an aquantance of mine delivered with midwives there. She had some sort of risk (can't remember what exactly) that meant she had to deliver in a hospital. In fact, she had the same midwife that I do, until she found out that she needed to be at a hospital, and so ended up going with your midwife group, I believe. Her first name is Yvette (not sure of her last name, but this was her 4th baby, all girls). She said she went with you guys because even though it was a hospital, you all were still "natural" friendly.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to put you guys down as my hospital of preferance. Would love a PM if you have time!

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