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Relactation? Is it possible??

For you to understand where I am, I am going to have to tell you where we have been.......

Camille was born August 8, 2006..She was a born breastfeeder (like her brother) We had a normal breastfeeding relationship until she was 3 weeks old when her heel-prick test came back abnormal...I was told to immediently stop breastfeeding because if she had galactosemia the breastmilk would cause brain damage. Over the course of the next two months she had three more heel-prick tests that came back abnormal. During this time I was pumping religiously and my baby was spitting up formula...Finally, the doctor ordered a Gault test (measures liver enzyme functions). At the time this test was given I devoled a very severe breast infection..The doctor recommended I be "dried up" and told me Camille defiantly had the galoctosemia and what was the point anymore? So I allowed myself to be dried up. Two weeks later we get the test results, She does NOT have galactosemia in ANY form. At that time, my doctor informed me that the heel-prick test has a high false-positive rate (wish he would have told me that in the first place) After about a month of FF, I started trying to relactate...
My little girl is seven months and does not want to nurse at all on an empty breast. I have been pumping with my PIS but with no luck...I feel like if something was coming out, she would want to nurse...

So here is my questions:

Is it realistic to keep trying to relactate? Is there anything I can take to help me?
Should I just chaulk it up to a lost cause and plan to do it with baby#3?

I just feel so sad that we were denied that special realationship and that my daughter has to eat inferior food...

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