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If your name is Sarah, and you sold some Orange Edges SEVERAL months ago

Ok.. so SEVERAL months ago I bought some GMD Orange Edge prefolds (new but prepped) from someone named Sarah (can't remember the DS name).

Anyway...simply because I was out of town when I bought them, then I was moving... and just life going on.. I never actaully went through the package. I just opened it to make sure there were prefolds in it.

Anyway.. now that I'm nesting I said "Oh yeah, I should wash those diapers." So I just opened them (look great by the way).. anway... since I JUST opened them, I only just now realized that you gifted me a newborn boyish cover (note said that you bought it before you found out your LO was a girl)...

Anyway...Since I never said "Thank you," I just wanted to say it now. Sorry it's late. LOL... Now I have 3 newborn covers.. so it was definately a really nice surprise.

God bless,
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