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Recent Issues...

As of right now, any discussion of the recent issue concerning moderators or "the thread" will stop. Threads will be locked or deleted. Issues have been thoroughly discussed and everyone given the opportunity to comment. Its time to let all the negativity go and get back to just being moms & dads chatting about cloth, kids & life

If you still have something you would like to comment on or you feel we should hear, please send a PM to either Sam, Lee or me.

As soon as we have a chance to review everything (including those who were given infractions and/or banned) we will update everyone. Watch for the announcement.

If you have concerns about the ownership/management of this board and how it affects you, please send a PM to either Lee or I - we're more than willing to discuss it. The public assumptions and attacks on character and intentions however need to stop.

Taking a break to focus on God & family

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