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Re: Need Help for planning "Frugal" weekly menus

I shop on wed when the new sales fliers go into effect, some do double ad day where you get the deals from the old and new flier. Go through pick the store or stores that have the most appealing ads and plan from there. I also buy on sale. BS chix breast can be found somewhere on sale for $1.99 or less every 2-3 weeks so I always buy about 3 weeks worth or more if its a way better deal.
thats great to know if cheaper cuts are really worth it

I also buy staples like rice in bulk $10 for 25lbs vs $1.50 for 1lb bag makes since right? I just use it as I normally would not necessarily to get it used up fast.

this week we did
chix fajitas with onion, bell pepper and avocados were on 3/$1 so 2 of those mexican rice(from giant rice bag) but i burnt it LOL
spaghetti w/meat sauce(meat from freezer not on sale this week)
steak, baked potatos, salad, garlic cheddar biscuts
chix stroganoff w/wheat egg noodles and zuchinni
breakfast burritos with extra tortillas and the other avocado(breakfast)
broccoli beef using steak since it was cheaper than ground beef this week WTH? frozen broccoli floretts, again cheaper than fresh and rice from my massive bag.
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