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Re: Need Help for planning "Frugal" weekly menus

thanks for all the tips and advice so far! I really appreciate it! I found the thread in Thrifty families last night after asking this btw and it's very helpful! I used some of the ideas from it to build our menu for this week ^_^ Thanks for the tip about using the wednesday circulars (is that what they're called?) All we have here is Piggly Wiggly, Southern Family markets (basically a food world) and wal mart....I wish we had a publix or some of the grocery stores I've heard of from the northern states...I get non-food items at walmart...generally cheaper there...especially pull-ups...I'm hoping to get some cloth training pants soon though so we can cut that expense out. We use cloth on the baby though (DD#1s old stash) Anyway, off-topic...I think we did pretty good this week...$85 at the much better than the $120 or so we'd been spending at Wal-mart when we lived with my Dad and it's much healthier food. I really want to work it down a little lower...with only 2 adults and a toddler eating, we should be able to manage to get it a little lower. I also have to work on stocking the "pantry" with sale items. Still trying to figure all this out. I can't wait for the mail to come in on Wednesday now so I can check the circulars and learn prices...I really have no idea what a good price is on different things...speaking of for frozen salmon fillets (in individually wrapped 4oz. pieces) 2lbs. for $ that a good price? It was the best price I could find at SFM and Walmart was a little more I think. We got it to have one day this week...found a great recipe for it on Anyway, thanks again!
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