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Goodness gracious he's hot!
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Just got back from my U/S

No denying it...ITS A BOY!

He had his little ankles crossed and we didnt think we would beable to tell (he was laying in an unfavorable position AND sleeping with his legs crossed) so she told me to go pee and shake a little.

You better believe I went in there and peed, poked him, jumped up and down a couple times, and shook my booty. But whatever it was worked because he rolled over and we got 2 pics of a package. There was no "ehh I THINK its a boy" She got between the legs and she said..."well, theres each leg" I said "BOY" she said "yeah, theres no denying that"

So now dh has another boy to carry on the last name (Lucas was the last one) so hopefully the name will be around for at least a couple more generations
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