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Re: Co-sleepers

We started out with our bed connected to an Arm's Reach co-sleeper. A midwife said that it would end up as the most expensive changing table we'd ever have. She was right!

I had already slept with my two prior girls, but I got freaked out with my third one night and bought the co-sleeper. After she was older, we disconnected it and moved the mattress and boxspring cornered flush with the wall. So the head of the bed is against one wall and the side Miriam sleeps on is next to the other wall. I make sure the mattress and wall are flush against each other every night. Miriam sleeps between the wall and I. I push the blankets down low, just over Miriam's torso and lower area and tuck them in between the wall and mattress so they stay put. The pillow I push the farthest over I can so the edge of it is under my head and none above Miriam. I lay on my side and my arm goes over her head and my legs curl under her feet. This way, she stays put pretty much unless I move her. No blankets go over her head, and no pillows come in contact with her face.

Works for us!
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