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Re: Need Yummy Vegetarian Recipes Fast!!!

We are also trying to phase out meat. Meals like spinach lasagna or other pasta dishes are very filling and many meat eaters don't notice that there is no meat. Dh and I love veggie burgers and they are much cheaper than the Quorn products which I don't buy anymore because of the cost. Boca burgers actually taste more like meat which could be good for the meat eaters. If you eat fish, Tilapia is inexpensive and it is relatively free of mercury and such. Oh, I know what you mean about parents. My mom was in charge of meals when E and R were born and I was always thinking, can't we just eat already instead of having like 4 courses? She would take hours to prepare a meal that would have taken us under 30 minutes. You might also ask your parents if there is a special meal they would like or if they want to go to the store and get some of the things they want...I always try to compromise with visitors so it doesn't seem like I have to do everything my way, KWIM?
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