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Re: The "~$5 Meal Ideas~" thread...

I have a picky family. My DH is not as adventurous with food as i am, My oldest DS is picky wont eat veggies My middle DS eats almost anything "so thankful for that" And i have an 8 month old DS. I try to make meals we can all eat saves me time and money.

"Secret pancakes"
Your favorite pancake recipe or Bis quick,
When you have left over veggies from a meal such as ( squash, carrots, etc) Throw them in your food processor puree them well..
when making pancake batter do not add all the liquid
Add in your puree'ed veggies mix well
( If your recipe calls for one cup of liqied add 1/2 cup liquid and 1/2 veggie)
then add reserved portion of liquid till you get the right consistency cook as normal.
We do comb's such as
Butternut squash and finely grated Cheddar cheese
Carrot and Apple
The combinations are limitless the Kids dont even know they are getting veggies and they're normally gone before i even get to eat them.
The kids also love sandwiches made from pancakes or waffles!
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