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Re: I absolutely LOVE Mother-ease!! ACTION SHOTS!

Originally Posted by emymommy View Post
Sorry, one more question. Is it okay to use oxo-brite or other types of oxygenated bleach with MEOS and Sandy's? Thanks again!
I have had no issues using oxyclean from time to time with mine. I give them a good soak in a scoop of oxy in a sink full of water if she eats something that makes a stain, works great, my dipes are pristine.

For the crunchiness - I don't know, how something feels is relative to the toucher right? The majority of mine have been in use for 6 months - all purchased new - and they are still soft to me. Could be yours are old, or could be due to the previous owner's laundry routine - perhaps bleach was used, perhaps they have buildup, either detergent or hard water mineral... Maybe try some RLR, we have hard water and I use that every couple of months and they are always softer and more absorbent after.
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