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Re: I absolutely LOVE Mother-ease!! ACTION SHOTS!

Originally Posted by tiffsnest View Post
Yes, thirsties work great over sandys too! Can't speak to the superbrites, sorry...

While I'm on here, can I get recommendations on wool covers that work well with either large sandys or meos? I'm thinking interlock... What worked for you?
Thanks, Mamas!
I have three wool covers. First I bought a luxe. It does NOT cover the MEOS or Sandys well. But I do love it for over other fitteds.

Then I bought a royal buns and a woollybottoms. Both are wonderful! I do prefer the woollybottoms just a little bit more because it's softer and easier to get on and off, but I think that might be because it's more generously sized than the royal buns. On the other hand the wet zone layer in the royal buns goes up higher in the back, so I can usually go longer between lanolizations with the royal buns, it's a tad more bulletproof in that respect. But I love them both, I rotate them as my night covers.

Originally Posted by emymommy View Post
Hi everyone,

I have another question about MEOS. I bought some in EUC (used only a few months) from FSOT and noticed they are not super soft. The cotton terry feels a little rough to the touch. Is this normal with use? I have never owned a new one so I have nothing to compare it to. Is there a way to make them softer? It is probably not a big deal, I'm just curious. Thanks for any feedback!
I have two cotton terry ones that I have been using for about 4 or 5 months, and two that I have only been using for 2 months, and there is a slight difference, the older ones being not QUITE as soft. So I think that's pretty natural. I'm sure using some ecover or other plant based fabric softener would help soften them up, and maybe some RLR as a previous poster suggested. I've used that a couple times and it does make a difference if hard water buildup is the culprit.
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